Proforma for Approval for Holding
International Fairs/ Exhibitions in India

    1. All columns should be filled in properly, neatly typed.  The replies should be specific.  Write N/A for entries that are not applicable. 
    2. Duly filled in application form should be submitted at least three months prior to the scheduled date of the event.
    3. The application should be accompanied by a DD for Rs.5,000/- + Service tax @ 14.5% in favour of India Trade Promotion Organisation payable at Delhi towards processing fee and Rs.2000/- + Service tax @ 14.5% for subsequent amendments in the name, scope, venue, dates etc. of the fair, if any.
    4. For quick processing (time limit 20 days), please include Rs.1000/- + Service tax @ 14.5% more.


Name of the Fair/ Exhibition






Demand Draft No.


Drawn on

For Rs.

Payable at


(for ITPO office use only)

Application No.:


Received in ITPO on:



  1.  Name of the Organiser


2. Registered Address 


3. Telephone/fax/e-mail


     PAN No.

     TAN No. 


4. Date of Establishment


5. Branch Offices, if any


6. Name and address of Office in Delhi, if any (Please specify whether Branch/Liaison/Representative)




8. Functions and objectives (Please attach a copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association in case of Registered Company and Association/ Partnership Deed (in case of Partnership)


9. Name of members(s) of the Board of Directors/Partners/Proprietors (List to be enclosed)


10. Banker's name and address


11. Business performance for the past three years (certificate from a qualified Chartered Accountant to be attached)




12. Name of the Exhibition/Fair


13. Dates, Venue and City


14. Was this event organized earlier? If yes, please give information on the following:
i)Was ITPO's approval taken? If yes - details of ITPO's reference/name and date of event.
ii)How many exhibitors brought exhibits duty free under Bond procedure/ATA carnet.  Please give details of the exhibits and also how they were disposed of.

Yes                             No 
Yes                             No

15.Broad products categories to be exhibited in the proposed event


16.Anticipated international participation profile (mention names of specific countries)


17.Objectives of the fair/exhibition (Please specify broad aims and objectives of the fair)


18.Type of Fair/Exhibition

Retail/General/Exclusive Business Event

19. Is retail sale allowed or not?  For fairs which have got only retail sales, approval may not be issued.


20.Entry Restrictions

Open to:
General Public/Business visitors
(please tick relevant portion)

21. List out infrastructure facilities available at the fair venue (Please attach site plan and letter from the owner of the site confirming availability of space for the fair).


22. Details of other fairs organized by the applicant in the past.




24.23. Recommendations from leading Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Export Promotion Council, Commodity Board, concerned Government/Departments etc. (Attach letter)


24. Name of  Administrative/Nodal Ministry/Deptt/Organisation under whom subject matter of your Exhibition falls


I/We undertake to submit a report covering the above Fair/Exhibition within three months of the close of the event. 

I/We also undertake that we will realise full participation charges from foreign participants in foreign currency and will comply with the Foreign Exchange Rules and Regulations of the Government of India, as applicable. 

I/We also undertake to send a list of foreign personnel coming from abroad to the Exhibition/Seminar to the Ministry of Home Affairs for Security Clearance and Visa etc. 

I/We also undertake that we will be following all Import/Export and Custom Rules and Regulations to the full satisfaction of Collector of Customs, Government of India. 

I/We also undertake that we shall not use ITPO's logo or name to popularise or market the event. 
Name of Authorized Signatory___________________________________
Status ___________________________________
Pin __________________________________




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